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  MTRS Event and School Programs

Monty's Traveling Reptile Show (MTRS) has been appearing at school assemblies and other gatherings for over three decades. Programs feature many of the same amazing reptiles that MTRS displays each year at the Minnesota State fair.

snapping turtle Presentations include 8-12 reptiles from around the world. Snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, and an American Alligator help explain their unique adaptations and their role in our environment. Programs last between 45-60 minutes with a "hands-on" opportunity included. Both classroom and large auditorium presentations available.
Please see the Contact The Show to bring MTRS to your school, scout troop, or organization. alligator
Romeo Iguana

KSTP-TV News story on Romeo the iguana on May 25, 2012


live reptile